What is Dabbing? How to Dab?

Now that cannabis is in the process of becoming legalized across the United Stated, the different ways in which people are choosing to medicate is changing, one rising in popularity is dabbing.

So what is Dabbing?
Dabbing is going to be one of the industries most intense experiences, it’s also a very flavorful one. When you take a cannabis strain and extract its sought after cannabinoids and terpenes, you are left with a high potency flavorful extract. There are several forms of extractions, the most known are Badder, Crumble, Diamonds, Rosin, Sauce, and Shatter. These extracts are all forms of wax and the consumption of it is called “Dabbing”.

How to take a dab and what do I need?
Dabbing is not rocket science, however to a new wax user seeing the hardware set up utilized to take a dab can be a bit intimidating at first glance. The most common form of dabbing is by means of a dab rig, you will also need a banger, a torch, a dabbing tool a carb cap and of course wax. Keep in mind that this is just one method of dabbing, as dabbing technology evolves new and improved methods arise, look around for the best method for you to use as they range in complexity, cost, maintenance, appearance and size.

First you will want to assemble your equipment. Position your glass banger on your rig (add water to your rig if you are using a water rig), the banger will be the piece that gets heated up, but before you jump right in you will want to ready your choice of extract.

With your dabbing tool, scoop a small amount of the wax. Now its time to heat up the banger, carefully take your torch and heat up the banger until it is hot enough to dab, the sweet spot is between 315-450°F, dabs taken at these temperatures are called low temp dabs in which maximum flavor is achieved. Beware that dabs can be wasted if your banger is not hot enough or is too hot.

When the temperature is right, take your dabbing tool and place the wax on the inner part of the banger, where the heat was applied. Take a hit just like you would a bong, be careful not to touch the banger.

Lastly, place the carb cap on top of the banger to lock in the smoke, this way you get the most out of each dab. When you are ready simply inhale the rest of the smoke.

We recommend that first time dabbers rip the rig slowly. “Just a Dab” will do for most beginners, shortly after exhaling the effects will start to kick in, with great waxes the effects can elevate with time.

That my friends is a “Dab”
Now sit back relax and enjoy the amazing effects achieved by dabbing on wax.