Storing Marijuana: How To Maintain The Quality Of Your Weed.

This one thing is certain, it doesn’t matter the price you pay, or the cultivators that grew it, whether your cannabis is considered bottom shelf or top shelf, once the flower is cut off from the nutrients that keep it alive and growing, the roots, the flower begins to dry. However, this drying is necessary in order to consume it, otherwise the flower will be too wet to light-up and smoke. This process is divided into what is known as drying and curing and both are essential steps for all cannabis flowers that are due for consumption.

The situation is that once this step has been set and done, the drying doesn’t stop there. Now cut off from its nutrient source, your cannabis will begin to deteriorate, and lose its potency and aromas as the trichomes and terpenes begin to break down. Losing these trichomes and terpenes not only affects the aromas and taste of the flower but can also take away from the medical benefits experienced by the patients. Not to forget, molds and bacteria can form in your bud if given the living conditions. This is a nightmare and a reality we cannabis users face with every strain we buy but hope is not lost, there is a simple and effective solution to these problems.  

Cannabis lovers the answer to preserving those precious terpenes and trichomes and texture is to simply and properly store your cannabis. In order to properly do this it is important to know the threats that cannabis face.

What Influences the Degradation of Cannabis? 

Exposure to light, temperature, moisture, and air all negatively affect the positives that we get from consuming cannabis. At one point or another, these are all pretty much inevitable yet not completely out of our control. 

The power lies in proper storage conditions. It is ideal to store your cannabis in a neutral container such as a glass jar, to be exact an air-tight glass container will be the most suitable home for your buds. Keep in mind the size of the jar matters, you do not want to use one that is too big with too much air space or too small with too little air space. Minimize the air by choosing a jar that will best accommodate the relative size of the stash you want to stash. 

Following is the placement of the air-tight glass container, you’d want to put it away from any electrical appliances such as a fridge, microwave, stove, or anything that emits heat. It is best to keep your jar in a shelf away from direct sunlight and at room temperature, always away from the reach of children and animals.

Last but certainly not least, the secret weapon to maintaining the quality of your strains at its best  is to control the humidity of your bud. Monitor the humidity with humidity control packs, take note, the perfect balance of relative humidity levels for cannabis is between 58% – 62%. 

There you have it, the optimal defense against degrading of the active ingredients in your cannabis and the shield that protects against molds and bacteria is proper storage conditions, alongside the power of a humidity pack to keep humidity under control ultimately provides the best conditions for your buds. 

If you have dry buds that you would like to rejuvenate, simply change the housing of your buds and add a humidity control pack, sit back relax and let the magic happen. 

How NOT to Store Your Cannabis.

Do not store your cannabis inside a refrigerator as this can cause the trichomes to break off thus losing potency, flavor and the overall benefits of the plant. 

Do not place your cannabis near heat, doing so will quickly dry out your cannabis causing it to become brittle and lose its potency, also dry cannabis smoke is harsher on the lungs.

Do not store your cannabis in a container with too much space, or air. 

Do not store your cannabis in a container with too little space, or air. 

Do not store your cannabis in plastic bags. Plastic often has a static charge that can attract trichomes and thus stealing the THC levels, terpenes and cannabinoids. Plastic packaging is to be used only for a short-term, that is while your buds are being transported from the shop to the consumers home, once you get your cannabis transfer it to a better storing medium.