The Imperial by Devambez

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The Imperial is an annual limited edition. In 2020, roll in our blue and red Napoleonic colors.

Due to its sophistication, The Imperial is hand-crafted in Devambez atelier. The embossed carton-blanc booklet crisply contains thirty-two leaves and tips. As in rare nineteenth-century books, the printing is letterpress, with Roman numerals for the year of manufacturing.

Devambez has been at the epicenter of the cultural and aristocratic elite for almost two hundred years. Imperial’s hemp paper with the Devambez watermark is the result of an exclusive collaboration with JOB de Jean Bardou, established in 1838. Devambez collective of organic farmers at La Chanvrière in Bar-sur-Aube grow hemp in the Champagne region of France. Their paper is made of organic hemp to render the purest taste.

Devambez farmers love their land. They know that you need the ultimate color, length and finesse for your hemp. The limited edition paper, produced in collaboration with JOB de Jean Bardou, established in 1838, is made of organic hemp from La Chanvrière in Bar-sur-Aube. The paper bears the Devambez watermark. Made in France, all natural, organic hemp, unbleached and unflavored. GMO free, totally chemical- and chlorine-free. The paper is ultra-thin and slow-burning.

Devambez farmers carefully control moisture content and color, checking for metals and foreign bodies before the straw is harvested at its peak. The use of pesticides or non-organic fertilizers is prohibited. They never use plastic (the straw bales are tied with natural twine). All the growing plots are carefully checked to prevent plastic pollution.

The gumline is made of gum arabic, also known as acacia gum, collected from Senegal acacia and Vachellia seyal. Extra care is taken while applying the gum to the paper, to provide a clean and reliable stick. JOB de Jean Bardou’s reputation is based on the finest gum using only natural plant-based, vegan, GMO-free and pesticide-free ingredients.

Prize strains, cherished friends and moment of conviviality warrant the finest treatments.

“Elevate the art of smoking to the sublime.”

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