Terminator OG


You’d think that with a name like Terminator OG the high that ensues is one that’s violent and strong. The latter is correct, yet this bud will soon become your new best friend instead of something to fear. Unknown breeders have crossed Brutus with Death Star to create a strain that’s intense and long-lasting.

Novice users should steer very clear of Terminator OG as the average 24% THC found here is just too much for some. Nugs of this indica-dominant strain tend to mirror common marijuana attributes but come complete with a thick layer of resin to boot. Those who enjoy a strong set of flavors will fall in love as earth and pine come together in a spicy and dank way that may cause you to cough a bit.

Even if you’ve been around the block over and over again, you should still exercise caution when smoking this strain. Terminator OG is quite the creeper and before you know it you’ll fall into a cavern of relaxation that’s unparalleled. The initial part of your high will include a brief uptick in mental energy and certainly clears any clouds from a worry-filled mind, but expect that to be short-lived. The real goal of this bud is to bring you to a place of ultimate stonerhood that eventually lulls you to sleep.

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