Purple Punch – Live Resin Sugar .5G



Introducing Bare Farms Live Resin Sugar, Extracted from the popular strain “Purple Punch” crossed with Larry OG and Granddady Purple this strain is known for its mouthwatering terpene profile and strong high, this Bare Farms Extract is a must try for any connoisseur searching for a potent flavorfilled extract.

What is live resin? Live resin is a process that takes fresh frozen cannabis plant materiel that has not been dried or cured, and extracts the cannabinoids and terpenes leaving the consumer with a high terpene profile and potent end product by preserving the natural terpenes and cannabinoids that are lost from drying or curing.

“ we call it Live Resin because the finished product smells exactly like the living product” says Kind Bill the creator of live resin

how is sugar made? Sugar is extracted using traditional methods of ethanol, CO2 or butane, after extraction the sugar consistency is caused by separation of volatile and non-volatile components turning shatter into what looks like wet sand, potent easy to manipulate and very flavorful the combination of the two methods leave us wanting “Another Dab”


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