Kush Cake


Kush Cake, not to be mistaken for “LA Kush Cake” is a well talked about Hybrid, that has all the young connoisseurs raving! An mysterious subtle but not an off putting scent, with an loud aroma of Kush. Visually, the nugs have a popcorn shaped structure intertwined with multiple red hairs, with a plethora of green sugar leaves preserving the purple inner leaves when broken down. With noticeable amounts of THC, users are provided with a well balanced experience, in which some patients even report of a change of mood towards uplifting. Kush Cake is a great pick me up when it comes to relieving stress, and prompting a small case of the giggles. Do consider, when consumed in large doses there’s an intense body relaxation and laziness which is greatly produced.  

High Desert Cultivators


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