Ice Cream Cake 3.5G


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Ice Cream Cake’s lineage of Wedding Cake and Gelato #33 creates a perfect Indica leaning Hybrid. Indeed, Ice Cream Cake ranges in high THC content of 20-25%. At a glance, the nugs structure consists of dense bright-green and purple-ish buds. This intense and thick layer of trichomes adds immense sparkles resembling white frost. Moreover, this strains breakdown is a real ninth wonder. It’s sticky resins and adhesive kief make a texture that will leave your thumbs stuck together.

Now for the moment everyone has been waiting for, the smoke! Ironically, once inhaled, nearby patients report a smell of pastries, whereas the consumer reports a smooth and delicious experience. However you medicate remember not to dispose of those precious terpenes: responsible for the unique smell and medical ailments of this particular flower. Now get this, upon exhale there is a noted earthy-sweet after taste more pungent upon exhale as opposed to the initial inhale.

Lastly, almost immediately after medicating, patients are wept away with an intense head high that trickles down throughout the body. Consumers report a feeling of complete tranquility. Further in, as time progresses, consumers become immobilized and eventually all conversations cease to exist. Pain and stress get left behind while the consumer moves on to a complete desert bliss.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream!


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