Cookie Platter Pack .5G 3PC


West Coast Cure’s 3 piece Cured Joints “Cookie Platter” Pack, offers a selection of joints made from the highest quality buds available. Wookies is a nice Indica dominant mix of the white and Girl Scout Cookies, with minty and earthly flavors with plenty of potency. Sunset Sherbet is a Indica leaning Hybrid with pure euphoric bliss that resembles a stroll along a tropical beach with sweet and fruity terpenes for a tasty experience. OG Cookies is also an Indica leaning Hybrid with a G.S.C. (girl scout cookies) and OG Kush lineage, offering a strong blend of cerebral and body effects laced with its signature sweet berry flavors. West Coast Cure offers their Cured Joints in full and half gram sizes allowing patients and cannabis enthusiasts to choose their own adventure.

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