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Looking for a powerful Indica with a Sativa like taste? Look no further than “Candy Kush OG”; unknown breeders and not to be mistaken for ‘Kandy Kush’ which has a lineage of Train wreck and OG Kush; Candy Kush OG lineage is Blue-Dreams and OG Kush 80% of Indica and 20% Sativa, with an THC content ranging from 15-21.75% and CBD content of .55%. The most abundant terpenes found within this strain is Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Limonene which attests to the aromas and medical benefits found within this strain. Candy Kush OG is also beneficial as it is attractive. Observe the nugs, and you’ll find the orange hairs are extremely prominent, almost completely bombarding most of the green leaves, at the same time, being completely covered in a heavy sticky texture. Prior to medicating, Candy Kush OG has a unique aroma. Furthermore, as we proceed to the session, there’s an aroma of kush along with a subtle sweetness, sure to create an intense case of the munchies if not taken lightly. Smoking in even larger quantities can lead to a more powerful and sedative experience, making Candy Kush OG not only a great strain for any late night sessions. Candy Kush OG can be used to try and help treat the symptoms associated with stress, pain and lack of appetite.


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