“Behind the wheel”

Our Driver’s first and Lasting Edible impression

Within the world of cannabis, and strides towards cannabis prohibition brings you a necessity and an added popular means of medicating: and most importantly the means of being “high” while being discrete! Having said that, it comes to no surprise some choose to go with Edibles; at least that has always been the case for me: case in point, “I get it”. My first bout with edibles was in 2010, late? Yes! But keep in mind cannabis regulations and my state of origin, ‘New York’. Now, just as your average lover of cannabis I have created a weekly regime of meeting with friends every Friday, after all errands and tasks are met. Upon meetup, my friends and I thought it would be cool to share all of the “one of a kind” marijuana findings we can get our hands, being that we all traveled a good deal throughout the week for work. Now being in a non-regulated area, our Friday’s consisted of everyday items such as Blue Dreams, your occasional plastic grinders, and a new addition of clipper lighters, that honestly no one knew its significance or how to use it until early 2016, but that’s for another blog. Luckily the summer of that same year, I had the privilege of trying a cannabis infused cookie. With no help from google, or much direction aside from “eating it and getting high” or prior knowledge to knowing how it would affect me: I took one for the team threw the entire cookie back and drank a glass of milk to be incognito. Now, completely forgetting my agenda for the day, I went into complete auto-pilot. About an hour into it and absolutely not doing anything for a good-couple-hours well but sit and stare, I was on my way to Dunkin Donuts and boy did I go to town with food! Food was nothing short of amazing! If you love how food tastes after smoking, you have not tried eating on an edible! I was throwing everything back without any consideration to my IBS. Shortly after, I remember being extremely spacy in the face, with a serious urge of giddiness and euphoria completely around me as if I had a physical vibrating aura you couldn’t see but could clearly feel. I can’t say for how long the experience lasted but I woke up in the same Dunkin Donuts to employees stating I was a ball. And get this! I woke up the next day high, but not an incapacitating high but a nice mellow Sativa high that left me reminiscing of when I can do this again. Since then I fell in love! I have medicated with cannabis but have never had the chance to experience it in a more potent and lengthy form. Good Roots has mastered selecting their vendors for the edibles stocked on their shelves and continues to deliver the same edible experience 10 years later! But don’t take my word for it, we have edibles in all ranges 10mg-1,000mg for cannasouirs of all classes, don’t feel compelled to consume in one sitting as I did.