The Damage Has Been Done But You Can Still Do Something About It

It’s possibly the worst thing that can happen to your weed, yet not many dispensaries or cannabis deliveries talk about this issue. Dry weed can happen to anyone, it does not matter how much you payed for it, who cultivated it, or the type of strain it is. At one point or another your cannabis will dry out, I know it sucks but there are a few ways to slow it down from happening.

..But you’re most likely here because it already did happen. So let’s cut the blabber because every second counts, you must hurry weed don’t have much time!

I’m joking but lets get started here is my first suggestion:

1. Before we start you will need a tortilla for this one, i’m serious don’t laugh. Grab your dry weed and place it in an air tight glass jar (preferably) but a zip-block bag will also do the trick. Place bot the weed and tortilla in the container and let it rest for 30 minutes. The tortilla will add moisture back to the weed, check on your buds when the 30 minutes is up and if it needs more time its okay to leave it there a while longer but keep checking every 30 minutes.
Disclaimer: Your weed will smell like tortilla, obviously..

2. For this trick you will need water and a hair drier. Also, I would suggest that you use an air tight glass jar for this step. Avoid using an oversize jar, use one that most accurately fits the weed amount you’d like to resuscitate. Put the weed in the appropriate size jar and slightly and I really do mean slightly sprinkle a little bit of water onto the jars lid, close it up and with the blow drier on high heat go over the jars lid and around the jar. The trick here is to create moisture inside the air tight container and thus moisturizing your weed. This can go horribly wrong if you over do the water, do not soak your weed. I usually leave it on for about 3-5 minutes, but it all depends on how hot or not your hair drier blows.

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Have any other dry weed remedies? Share it below.

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